Introduction to Audio

One of the benefits of integration is that the user does not need to have the technical know-how of the components of the system; it is all simplified in a touch-screen control.

A typical audio system requires source devices to provide the content- processing equipment to be able to switch and optimize EQ and volume levels, amplification and loudspeakers. In any audio system all of these components must be of a good quality because peradventure, one of the components in the audio chain is of poor quality then the sound will be affected even if the other components are very good.

At Lifestyle Technologies, our engineers spend a lot of time studying the minute operational details of products before we integrate them so that we can properly advise our clients as to the features, advantages and disadvantages of each option. Simple, seamless integration is one of our top work priorities.


Most modern audio systems include a combination of CD player for traditional playback, digital media players, FM and internet radio players and digital storage systems. Our systems fully integrate and simplify the management and control of your media sources from any location.

DSP Processors

The DSP processor is the device which allows the user to select a source to send to a room. It also calibrates the way your sound is heard and experienced and provides protection for your speakers.


The amplification system boosts the audio signal to the level needed to drive the speakers. Various options are available depending on the quantity of speakers, the required number of audio zones, power required by the speakers chosen. The quality and design of the amplifiers significantly impacts the quality of the audio that is heard through the speakers.


The speakers are chosen for a system based on its main use. For example, there are speakers designed for audiophile grade stereo audio, music distribution, home cinema, background music, speech reinforcement, public announcement, life safety systems etc. Lifestyle Technologies is here to help you choose the right speakers for your application and budget.

Multi-Room Audio

Multi-room (or distributed) Audio Systems combine many of the components of an audio system into an all in one unit. A typical multi-room audio system includes the switching, processing and amplification in one device. Simply add the music sources, speakers and programming and you have a complete multi-room audio system. We currently offer multi-room audio systems from 2 to 74 zones of amplified audio.

Having a party? Our “Party Mode” system setting automatically can combine multiple areas into one zone at the press of a button. We offer a variety of speaker options from architectural and stylish floor standing to wall mounted, in-wall, in-ceiling or outdoor weatherproof speakers, all with superior performance and aesthetic value.


Lifestyle Technologies specializes in audio systems for auditoriums, smart classrooms, training rooms, conference rooms and boardrooms. From presentation systems to speech reinforcement, audio conferencing and distance learning, we are here to help you achieve your commercial conferencing goals.

Pro Audio

With a large number of installations in venues such as restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs, we provide integrated pro-audio systems for commercial use. This allows the equipment to be located away from public areas and allows a simple way of controlling the systems for staff.

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