Introduction to Automation

A custom automation system is always tailored to the requirement of the user. A fully integrated building can include electrical and electronic sub-systems including but not limited to:

Lighting control systems (intelligent switching, dimming and scene control)
Audio source and multi-room distribution systems
Video source, display and multi-room High Definition distribution systems
Air Conditioning and Heating Systems
Network and Wi-Fi systems
Home Cinema
Security Systems
Fire Alarm and Life Safety Systems
CCTV Systems
Access Control Systems
Intercom Systems
Irrigation Systems
Weather Monitoring Systems
Energy Management & Monitoring Systems
Conferencing & Presentation Systems
Maintenance and fault detection systems

A properly installed automation solution allows for the convenient, simplified and intuitive control of a building’s electrical and entertainment systems. The user controls, whether they are a wired or wireless touch screen, keypad or web browser is not an intimidating dashboard of complex controls that needs a high degree of training and orientation for use. Expect the control to be 100% reliable. It is intuitive and so easy to use.

Why Automate

In today’s dynamic technological development and rising energy prices, automation systems are no longer considered a luxury. They are a necessity that will add value to your building investment and provide savings by utilizing advanced energy control and management. Since the hardware cost of automation systems has declined in recent years, we have products available for any budget, considering a new- build or renovation with products available for every budget.

Our integrated automation solutions come with many benefits such as:

Centralized control of all electrical/electronic systems.
Automation of complex operational functions, replacing a large quantity of equipment remotes.
Seamless intelligent interaction and operation of all systems.
Wireless control for convenience.
Real-time system control and monitoring.
Secure remote access and control from any web enabled device such as phone, wireless tablet or web browser.
Energy monitoring, management and conservation.
Expandability to include future apparatus.
Intelligent fault reporting and maintenance.

Imagine replacing numerous remote controls with one wireless touchpad. Imagine automating the combined functions of 5 or more remote controls required for a home cinema. Just do your movie with the push of a button.

Press one button as you leave the building and being assured that all of your lighting, AC and AV systems have turned off.

Imagine a system so powerful and flexible customized to automate your systems the way you would have them work. Watch your energy consumption in real-time and using the latest technologies to provide energy savings in excess of 30%. Imagine an intelligent system that learns how you use your space, and maximizes energy management and conservation by learning to operate around the way you live…

User Interterfaces

A user interface is the main way of controlling your integrated systems. This can be a simple keypad, a wall mounted touch screen, wireless touch screen, mobile phone, or web browser.

A properly designed automation solution usually incorporates a combination of synchronized user interfaces that allow control from multiple locations. It is important that these interfaces provide a simple method of control with continuity.

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