Introduction to Lighting

An excellent lighting design plan is very important to manage adequate lighting levels, accentuate architectural features and enhance ambience. It differentiates between a space that just looks nice, or is absolutely spectacular.

A lighting control system as part of an automation solution allows the user to have preset lighting scenes for any mood, and the ability to (wirelessly) control and manage the lighting from any location. Lighting can be automated as needed based on outdoor natural light levels, the time of day, sunset or sunrise. The intelligence of these systems enables for significant energy savings.


Lifestyle Technologies provides lighting control systems as part of an integrated automation solution. Our lighting panels are (100%) manufactured and tested in house to UK 17th Edition electrical specifications and under the supervision of an NIC certified electrician. Our lighting systems vary in size from small dwellings to large villas or commercial buildings. They can be configured for switching and dimming of all types of lighting and are easily reconfigurable and scalable for future changes of apparatus or expansion.

LED Technology

The recent evolution of LED technology has advanced to LED lighting that is extremely energy efficient, and is very low maintenance with a usable lifetime of over 50,000 hours (approx. 5hrs daily for 27 years). LED lighting has always cost more than other traditional sorts, but provides large operational energy savings when cost of electricity and replacement bulbs of competing technology is taken into account. In comparison to a 50W halogen spotlight, a LED equivalent fitting will consume 75% less energy and last over 20 times longer.

In addition to lighting control and management systems, Lifestyle Technologies supplies a diverse range high quality LED fittings, many of which are covered by an unmatched guarantee period of 7 years.

Lighting Control System

Our intelligent lighting control systems provide centralized control of all types of lighting (including new LED technologies) from simple to use touch-screen interfaces to in-wall keypads.

Lighting-System Variations

The Traditional Lighting (Manual) System incorporates wall mounted switches and dimmers to manually dim and turn lighting on and off. Once installed, it is not very flexible and extremely difficult to change the way it works or from where you can control areas of lighting. For example, if the garden lights are controlled from the kitchen and in the future you decide to build an outdoor BBQ area and want to also control the same garden lights from the BBQ, this would not be easily possible unless provisions for it were made in the original design.

The Central Lighting Control System provides greater flexibility to the way lighting is controlled and operated. These systems are specially programmed, based on the preferences of the user and its functions can be modified any time in the future. The lighting can be controlled from multiple keypads, touch-screens and mobile devices within the premises or from remote locations depending on the user’s preferences. These systems provide scene control, the ability to create, store and easily recall different lighting scenarios for mood and ambience. In addition, these systems can monitor and regulate sunrise, sunset, light levels and daylight conditions and automate some of the lighting to conserve energy and suit user-purposes.

The Intelligent Lighting Solution goes a step further than a Central Lighting Control System. Through highly advanced programming, these systems involve a level of AI (Artificial Intelligence) that learns the occupants’ habits and space usage patterns so it can automatically provide lighting when required without the need to touch a single switch or control. These types of systems increase security in and around a building by automating lighting, based on motion or triggers from alarms or perimeter protection systems. In addition to convenience, these systems extend the operational lifetime of the light fittings and equipment and provide the maximum efficiency and energy savings.

Our solutions are based on integrated building control systems by Crestron, and can provide over 30% energy savings when compared with traditional lighting systems and up to 80% when combined with LED technology.

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