Introduction to Network

A data network is an integral part of any integrated system design. A network design should take into account the type and volume of traffic that it will be serving while providing secure and reliable connectivity and coverage. The network should be certified and include a combination of wired connectivity, secure wireless coverage and adequate network throughout, using reliable equipment.

As audiovisual integration evolved to IP based platforms, network expertise became a critical ingredient for successful integration implementation. Designing and implementing networks of varying size and complexity, including wired and wireless connectivity is one of the areas that we specialize in.

Structured Cabling

A structured cabling system forms the communication backbone of any integrated building. The correct design and implementation of a structured cabling infrastructure is crucial to the scalability, operation, performance, coverage and overall successful outcome of any integrated solution.

Wired networks provide a lower cost and reliable connectivity solution. Most structured cabling systems nowadays use CAT 6 or greater specification cable capable of data transfer rates of 1Gbps or greater. The certification of these networks is very important to ensure that it meets the intended specification. With our experience, technical know how and test equipment, Lifestyle Technologies is set to properly install and certify your network.


Wireless networks provide different challenges altogether, due to the types of construction typically used in these regions which has been discovered to hinder wireless coverage. In order to achieve the required coverage, the location and quantity of the access points is of critical importance to any network design from an early stage in any project.

In large residences and commercial buildings or offices where seamless roaming is required, new types of networks called virtual cell networks allows users to roam freely on what appears as one large network without a drop of connection (visible wiring) or delay between access points.


When a network is designed, it is important to consider the category of data it is made for. For IP telephony, real-time voice and video applications the network needs to prioritize this data to minimize latency. Where large amounts of data are routinely transferred, bandwidth needs to be reserved for other applications so as not to block the network. From small networks to large corporate segmented networks, Lifestyle Technologies employs IT experts to design, implement and certify the right network to suit your needs.

Design Philosophy

We realize that for many, ‘technology’ can be a daunting proposition. The highest priority goal of our solutions is to provide you with a system that is as simple to use as possible, given technologies used and client budgets. Our solutions are designed to enhance your lifestyle, not frustrate you with a complex system that will stifle your being you. We keep the interface simple, and keep the intricate wiring and associated equipment out of sight. Through a well-executed simple and reliable solution, we exceed your expectations.

Prepare to enjoy the results of your investment in properly installed, excellent electronics.

Design Process

To create an effective solution, we take the time to thoroughly understand what our clients want to accomplish with their projects. We do not approach your table as sales people with “hot products” and “amazing sale prices” to force our products on you. We guarantee; “no frustration and wasted resources”. Through inquiry and a thorough understanding of your needs, we put ourselves in your shoes – we are your consultants at every step of your audio/video journey. Once we see from your perspective, in simple non-technical language, we will help you understand the pros and cons of design options.

Lifestyle Technologies uses proven and thoroughly tested components in our systems to ensure reliability and the best performance. These components are carefully selected based on initial meetings and discovery process to suit your needs and budget. Our installation staff includes current CEDIA certified installers who regularly ensure the highest levels of professionalism in their craft.

Lifestyle Technologies works with you to ensure that your solutions become assets in your daily life.

Imagine the joy and delight of a simple, intuitive, enjoyable audio/video system for your home that entertains you, with great sound and pictures. You can relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of life. This is our vision for every project we undertake.

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