Introduction to Video

The recent transition to digital video broadcasting, encoding, transmission and HDCP copyright protection has led to new challenges for manufacturers and integrators of video systems. In order to implement switching and distribution systems that will be compatible with all current and future video formats and sources, a proper study is being conducted.

We provide a diverse range of high-end video products combined with extensive knowledge and experience working with video systems. We provide solutions for every residential and professional video distribution, switching, processing and display requirement.

Lifestyle Technologies provides custom video display solutions for:

Hospitality & Eatery Refectories
Live Music Systems
Home Cinema & Private Viewing
Public Address Systems
Media Presentation Rooms & Auditoriums
Conference & Boardroom Systems
Smart Classrooms & Training Rooms
Audio-conferencing Systems
Video conferencing Rooms
Professional Display Solutions
Bar and Club Music Systems

HD Video Distribution

The advent of HDCP copyright protection has made the distribution of HD video exceptionally challenging whenever the media has to be displayed to more than one location. Now on 3rd generation hardware, Crestron Digital Media provides the unique ability to offer HDMI Video distribution of 1080p HDCP High Definition content together with CEC device control, USB and LAN over a single CAT-5/6 or Fibre with data transfer rates up to 8Gbps.

We currently offer HD distribution systems of various sizes for applications from one display up to 64 displays.

Media Management

Digital media or content management provides a means to centrally store, organize and access your media (audio, video and pictures) from any room or area of the premises. Network RAID storage devices can ensure your media is safely stored with original (uncompressed) quality. Our solutions feature award winning media servers designed for integration that works seamlessly with our automation systems, providing easy navigation (with cover art) and access via wired or wireless control from any room.

Home Theatre

Here, selecting equipment to suit your taste is only the beginning. To get the best result for your space, many factors must be considered including aesthetics, room material and acoustics, lighting, HVACs, furniture and equipment locations and ease of operation.

Whether you are looking for an inexpensive micro-system which is part of a bedroom or living area, or a dedicated, state-of-the-art custom home theatre system, Lifestyle Technologies is your one stop shop. In addition to audio system analysis and calibration services, we offer ISF professional video display calibration by certified video engineers to give you a true home theatre experience.


Professional presentation and conferencing systems require a level of technical know-how in order to set up and operate. Integrating these rooms allows you to concentrate on your business by providing simplified operation and maintenance thus maximizing your productivity and ensuring system uptime.

With the combined experience of over 300 integrated boardroom and conferencing room systems installed worldwide, we can provide you with the ultimate integrated solution for your business. Whether your need is for a simple presentation room system, a fully integrated collaborative data audio and video conferencing system, smart classroom, lecture hall or auditorium, AV Solutions provides user friendly turnkey all in one solutions.

Pro Video

When it comes to commercial systems, reliability and uptime are of critical importance. Our intelligent integrated systems automatically monitor the health of the equipment and notify the user in event of a reported error, device failure or upcoming need for maintenance. As an integrated system, devices from different manufacturers are programmed to work seamlessly as one system.

From presentation and professional conference rooms to bars and clubs, Lifestyle Technologies is set to provide reliable solutions, just right for your needs.

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